Jo and Myles were married at the incredible Cable Beach Club in Broome, only a stone’s throw away from the famous Cable Beach. Surrounded by their dearest loved ones and embraced by the canopy of a huge tree, they promised each other forever. Jo and her family have spent many family holidays in Broome over the years so this place is close to their hearts. There is something magical about having a destination wedding. All your family and friends take time out of their lives to travel, usually for a few days or more, to celebrate with you. Jo, 32 weeks pregnant at the time, looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful lace dress. To be a part of such a special day is an amazing privilege. I not only witnessed a beautiful ceremony, but deep love, true friendship and family bonds.

Habitat Resort BroomeBroome make up artistBroome bride getting ready broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-6 Broome wedding ringsBroome wedding dress hung up treebroome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-3Broome wedding flower bouquet Broome bride with her mumgroom getting ready in hotel roombride with mother and sister at Habitat ResortBride with her grandparents father of the bride tang photoBride with her parents at Habitat Resort in Broomelaughing bride bride among the trees at Habitat Resortbroome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-cable-beach-club-1broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-rose-pedals-1rose pedals at Cable Beach wedding broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-22broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-27broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-29broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-26broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-30broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-32broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-31broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-33 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-34 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-35 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-36 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-37 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-38 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-39 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-40 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-41 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-43 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-45 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-46 broome-wedding-photographer-jo-and-myles-47