When Broome couple Eliza and Andy decided to get married they couldn’t imagine a better way to do it than at their favourite time of day. As dawn broke over Entrance Point Beach on a hot and steamy morning in the middle of the wet season, the couple shared their vows in front of their closest friends and family with marriage celebrant Kelly Morrow there to officiate the intimate ceremony.

Between the DIY wedding dress that Eliza made with locally designed fabric from the Nagula Jarndu Women’s Art Centre, the handpicked flowers sourced the night before and Andy’s wedding ring that Eliza lovingly made herself from wire, this sunrise beach wedding was definitely one to remember.

The couple met in Karratha when Eliza, working for the ABC, was interviewing Andy on the subject of cattle breeding. She thought he seemed rather good looking in his big hat, while he thought she was wearing a nice pair of jeans. The next time Andy was in town, he took Eliza out for a coffee… then to the rodeo. The rest, as they say, is history.

Eliza is an amazing gardener and loves cooking food harvested from her crops. Andy loves to eat so they are a good match in this regard.

To Eliza and Andy, marriage means a promise that you will always look after each other and that you are on the same team. Enjoying life together while at the same time respecting and appreciating each other’s differences is something they both value and will guarantee a beautiful, happy and harmonious marriage full of love and support… and gardening!

sunrise at beach wedding in Broome with sun beams in cloudswedding guests are gathering around large rock by the water at sunrise beach wedding in Broome Kelly Morrow celebrant officiates sunrise beach ceremony in Broome bride and groom smiling during the sunrise beach wedding ceremony groom wearing cowboy hat reads his vows to his bridewide shot of small wedding at beach with red rocks glowing in the sunrise light bride in green DIY dress puts a ring on her new husband during the sunrise wedding first kiss for this husband and wife at their sunrise wedding in Broomeocean and beach with blue sky hugs and kisses from wedding guests to the newly weds on a remote beach in the Kimberleysmall group of people gathers around a free standing rock at Entrance Point during sunrisesigning the marriage certificate with celebrant Kelly Morrow at beach sunrise wedding wedding couple open champagne at their sunrise beach wedding marriage celebrant Kelly Morrow takes polaroid photo of wedding couple man wearing cowboy hat and woman in green dress walk through the scrubman with large hat has his arms around his wife with ocean and rocks in the background newly married couple walks hand in hand across red rocks at their Broome sunrise weddingman and woman sit close to each other on a rock looking at each other sunrise wedding couple at entrance point beach in Broomeman with large cowboy hat lovingly holds women close to him and looks into her eyesaerial view of Broome sunrise beach weddingwedding couple sitting on a rock at their sunrise beach wedding groom stands a couple of meters away from his wife and look at her smilingblack and white close up photo of DIY wire wedding ring at sunrise beach wedding in Broome man and woman about to make their way down some steep rocks kissing couple standing on rocks near the ocean soon after their sunrise wedding in Broome at Entrance Point beach



We got married at Broome's Entrance Point at 5:15am in the morning and Julia captured the light and colours beautifully. We had such a lovely time with Julia during our photos after the ceremony, including dancing on the beach and exploring the cliffs.
Eliza & Andy
Eliza & Andy's advice
for other couples planning a sunrise wedding in Broome

If you're planning a sunrise wedding make sure all your vendors and guests are morning people and don't mind getting up early. You'll have to set your alarm for around 3:30am but it's definitely worth it.