Elsa and Reece’s Gnaranganni – Gantheaume Point Wedding

Gnarangannie is a venue that I have wanted to shoot a wedding at for so long now; a beautiful private property at Gantheaume Point with stunning ocean views and the rugged pindan coastline that defines this beautiful part of the Kimberley. The garden is picture perfect with a gnarly, old boab tree and is an incredible location for a a ceremony.

The morning started with the boys getting ready at a friend’s place in town while Elsa and the girls kicked it off at the Billi Resort. Elsa and Reece’s wedding was a joy filled day with 140 guests in attendance. After the heart felt ceremony at Gnarangannie we went for a walk around Gantheaume Point for some bridal party photos before the couple jumped in my car to head to Reddell Beach for sunset. This is always a special time, as couples get to take a breather and let it all sink in that they’re now married.

groom getting ready near a window in Broome house groom holding ring box and ring groom and his groomsmen having beers at house groom and groomsmen getting into their jacket for Gnarangannie weddingsmiling groom in blue jacket leaning against a palm tree at Broome houseBilli Resort swimming pool Bonnie Louise Styling getting bride ready for wedding at Gnarangannie at Gantheaume Point close up of bride's feet putting on shoes in preparation for her wedding mother and young baby daughter in her arms at the Billi Resort in Broome larger flower bouquet held by bride in white dress picture perfect garden at private property Gnarangannie at Gantheaume Point wedding guests arrive to Gnarangannie Gantheaume Pointwedding guests arriving at Gnarangannie Gantheaume Point wedding guests arrive at Gnarangannie Gantheaume Point and greet groomset up of chairs in front of boab tree at Gnarangannie Gantheaume Point wedding wedding guests mingling at house at Gantheaume Point called Gnarangannie signing table and flower decorations at Gnaranganni wedding at Gantheaume Point wedding guests surrounding the house at Gnarangannie in BroomeElle Saunders marriage celebrant at Gnaranganni private property at Gantheaume Point in Broome father of the bride walking his daughter down the aislelaughing bride and groom at wedding ceremony in Broome at Gnaranganni wedding ceremony at private property at Gnaranganni Gantheaume Pointwedding guests seated at outdoor wedding at Gantheaume Point four bridesmaidswedding ceremony at Gnarangannie Gantheaume Point Broome in Western Australia parents of the groom sitting in the first row during wedding ceremony at Gnaranganniebride and groom standing next to big boab tree with marriage celebrant Elle Saunders in garden of private property Gnarangannie first kiss for husband and wife who had their ceremony at Gnarangannie Gantheaume Point wedding couple and their witnesses signing marriage certificate at Gnarangannie bride and groom walk back down the aisle as husband and wife at Gnarangannie Gantheaume Point bridal party walking along red pindan rocks near Gnarangannie at Gantheaume Point larger bridal party standing in the distance on red rocks in Broome near Gnarangannie Gantheaume Point housebridal party walking along red pindan rocks near Gnarangannie at Gantheaume Pointbridal party walking past the lighthouse near Gnarangannie at Gantheaume Point bride and groom scramble down red pindan cliff to get down to the beach in Broomewedding couple dancing on the beach at sunsetwedding couple walking hand in hand along a deserted beach in Broome after their wedding at Gnarangannie bridal party walking along red pindan rocks near Gnarangannie Gantheaume Point


Jules you are professional, organised and not to mention super talented. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us through numerous emails and phone conversations before our big day. We felt so relaxed working with you. We knew that out of everything on our wedding day one thing we didn’t have to worry about was the photos. You had everything sorted! We love how passionate you are about photography and couldn’t be happier with our wedding photos.
Elsa & Reece